Jul 212014

The more I get exposed to other martial arts the more questions I have for my first art, Tang Soo Do / Soo Bahk Do or Korean Karate. Where are the applications in our forms? I have always been told well it could be this or it could be that with no real applications. I was taught the applications could be many things, which I felt was lacking. What about in Tae Kwon Do forms? I’ve never seen any real good applications shown or taught from their forms either. I come from a sports background and everything you did in sports whether it be football or baseball had a distinct purpose. You trained for throwing a football for example, with proper foot work, ball height, and balance to throw with optimal velocity and precision. It all had a purpose. My training in Tang Soo Do bothered me when it came to applications and forms to be told in other words just figure it out. As I have studied Japanese styles, they distinctly have a purpose and application. The Shito-ryu style of Shogo Kuniba definitely taught this. You would learn the kata and immediately after you learned it you then would learn the bunkai (applications) and practice them with a partner. Did the instruction of applications being passed down get lost somewhere from Korean instructors to our instructors today? What is the answer to this huge question??? Excuse the grainy film, but take a look at some excellent Bunkai by Shogo Kuniba. What happened to the Bunkai of Korean Karate????

Aug 272013

This is a really good demostration of flowing and dynamic ho sin sool in my opinion. It does not stop the force but flows with one’s Ki or Chi. This is the one area I have always been displeased with in my Soo bahk Do / Tang Soo Do Moo Duk Kwan training. The Ho Sin Sool never seemed realistic to me. It is taught in a robotic type manner with the attacker grabbing the wrist in a stationary manner. No one attacks or grabs like this. After taking Aikido, I think it needs to be taught first from a static position, but then apply movement to it as one becomes comfortable with the technique. The striking is great but the Ho Sin Sool is lacking much in my opinion.

Sep 212012

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